Professional voicing In French, English or Spanish

Whether you’re delivering your message to an international audience or a specifically local one, I’ll most ready to deliver the professional performances that make you so memorable

Full French

Ensuring your message is delivered in the most pristine francais, I can create full native French voiceovers for any sort of project

English with a French accent

To add an undertone of allure and create a memorable connection with your audience, I can deliver full English voiceovers with any degree of standard Parisian accent

Full Spanish

For eloquently-articulated Spanish, minus any accent, I can bring fluent Spanish voiceovers for any of your work or that of your clients

A voice of clarity, charm,
and authenticity

Your invitation to listen

Here’s a range for you to listen to to sample some of my work. But if you’re curious to hear something specific: reach out through my form, put a note in of what you’d like to hear, and I’d be most happy to share

Commercial EN

Need a catchy and clear voice with just the right amount of charm? Perfecting that balance has a way of keeping listeners intrigued

Corporate FR

Looking for that sound that’s memorable for your learners? A richly authentic voice to engage all students

Animation FR

For when you need a child’s voice to bring your character to life.