A voice to bring alive your
scripts, with clarity and verstility

“Sandra was very fast in providing top quality audio recordings of challenging and lengthy scripts. I would happily recommend Sandra for your French VO needs”

8 years of voiceovers

Across 8 years I’ve been honoured to work as a voiceover artist for clients from the United Kingdom to Spain, Italy, India, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States—working on projects for Amazon, Sage, Garnier, and Duolingo.

Whether it’s for audiobooks, commercials, animations, or e-learning, I’m available to do professional voice overs in native French, English, and Spanish. My professional speciality is working with English or Spanish speaking clients to deliver them with the highest quality French voice.

Nuances of a native

There are nuances to voice overs that only a native would know. A moment to lean in and a moment to lean back, a rhythm of words or a cadence of speech. All of those will make a project hit the right note and sound genuine.

Whether you need a directed live session or for me to record on my own, I have the professional equipment and editing skills to deliver as you want. I’m very flexible and always happy to do retakes until you get that just right voice.

The woman behind the mic

Clinched as it sounds: when I was a young girl in Paris, I would constantly record my voice. I had one of those ancient cassettes with a microphone and winding black tape, and chatty girl that I was, for years I would record myself and play it back.

With a long love for drama and playing out stories, I trained as an actor before changing direction to a career in professional voice overs. I’m able to bring fun and spontaneity thereby delivering an authentic and captivating voice. 

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